A brand new blog again!

Since 17, i’ve been writing blogs from xanga to blogspot and now to wordpress. There’ve been times where i’m a frequent updater or times where i’ve just let my blog mold for months. Teehee.

I’ve deleted all my old blogs, and starting up this new one in wordpress. I still remember, my last post was in the beginning of 2013. Pathetic post. Lol.

Been through ups and downs in 2013 and there’s always this question which popped into my head: Why on earth my year is getting so sucky. I’ve cried, done the most stupid thing ever.

Thank goodness, everything changed at the end of 2013. I became happier, i’ve let go of the past and move on. Worked really hard. Learnt that there’s no such thing as you give everything to someone and they will realize it one day. Bullshit. People just wouldn’t appreciate, if someone does not like you, means he or she will not like you. Just let things be.

Year 2014 looks kinda tough for me too. Obstacles here and there, money flowing everywhere. There’s times where i was physically and mentally lethargic. However, it’s all worth the pain. It is.

I hope we could make it through. You and i will be fine 🙂



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